CEWOOD becomes a member of Europe’s largest network for sustainable building


CEWOOD announces that we are proud members of DGNB. DGNB is Europe's largest network for sustainable building. It’s goal is to improve building quality and thus also the quality of life throughout the world. As an independent and non-profit organization, DGNB works with a variety of other key players in the building and property industry in pursuing this charitable goal. One thing that all DGNB members have in common is an interest and willingness to actively work towards achieving greater sustainability in the building and property industry. CEWOOD has become one of DGNB members.

 DGNB states that sustainability is not just the latest trend, it's a golden opportunity to change the world we build around ourselves so that we can feel comfortable living and working in it and can stay healthy. CEWOOD shares the same beliefs and, since its founding, has set high quality standards for its products and has chosen to produce them from 100% natural materials, thus guaranteeing safety for human health. We constantly work on improvements in our production and in the final product to meet all growing demands of an educated society which knows what to expect from today’s building materials.


CEWOOD’s participation in DGNB is only a logical next step in our green path, and we are proud that Europe’s largest network of sustainable buildings has recognized CEWOOD panels and sees value in the company becoming a DGNB member.

Sustainability is one of the prevailing priorities when it comes to growth, efficiency, and future viability. Therefore companies, including CEWOOD, cities, and municipalities are increasingly focusing their strategies on sustainable development.


For occupants, but also for building owners and investors, sustainable buildings offer a myriad of benefits – from avoiding hazardous materials to achieving lower incidental costs while the building is in use, in addition to long-term value retention on the building.


CEWOOD is a Latvian company with a factory in Jaunlaicene, which produces wood wool panels used worldwide. They are ideal for ceiling and wall decoration, and provide a number of advantages: 100% natural origin, effective noise absorption, improved room acoustic comfort and microclimate. This is a cost-effective ceiling and wall finishing solution, quick and easy to install, long-lasting. The company pays great attention to the fact that the panels consist only of 100% natural, highest-quality ingredients, which are obtained in an eco-friendly way. The panels are made of PEFC-certified wood using green energy. The panels have quality and sustainability certificates, including Nature Plus, M1, Powered by Green. And now we have become members of DGNB.