The new building of the CEWOOD production facility receives the “Latvian Construction Annual Award 2023”

Looking back at the achievements of the past year, the "Latvian Construction Annual Award 2023" evaluated a total of 145 applications from all over Latvia. In the nomination "PRODUCTION PLANT" the winner was the new building of the CEWOOD production facility with an area of 8.5 Km2 - in Jaunlaicene, Galdusalas Street 1, Aluksne County, LATVIA. The architect of the project is Aldis Apsenieks, the developer of the project is Pirmais Princips, and the builder is Aimasa, but the construction supervision was provided by the IMME buvnieciba.

The new production facility is not the usual, quick-to-install structure in which to place the production line. This building is value-bearing for the company, which integrates everything that matters to CEWOOD: sustainability, and the desire to experiment with its own materials. One can feel harmony with the environment, respect for it, and active involvement of employees and owners during the project. It's not just the work of third parties, it's a common link to achieve a common goal.

Ingars Udris, CEO of CEWOOD: “During the construction process, all the trees that were near the plant were preserved and even the configuration of the factory building was adapted to the terrain and one of the walls was built in the zig-zag shape not to cut the trees. The highlight of the building is a specially designed round window - 3.2m in diameter – the largest possible diameter for a solid round window in Europe. Through it: an inspiring view of pine, symbolically, like a tree that does not stop growing, so we would like growth that does not stop. The creation of this project involved a wide range of our team, but special attention was paid to it by the owners, who also determined the development of the project, and became involved in the successful implementation. It is an honor and pride to receive the recognition of Raimonds Vejonis, former President of Latvia.”

CEWOOD, as a leading manufacturer of wood wool panels in the Baltics, is also investing in research that could lead to new applications for wood wool panels in the future. For the newly built production facility, the South-Eastern façade was finished with wood wool panels, which were covered with a paint system that protects from outdoor climatic influences. Until now, wood wool panels was not used in the finishing of the outdoor façade. In the next few years, the company will follow the technical condition of the panel cladding to make adjustments to the technology of manufacturing outdoor finishing panels, if necessary. If such finishing material is found to be sustainable, it will be offered to customers on the market. An unprecedented façade insulation model was developed for the building, where wood wool panels are the main insulation material, the aim being to verify the economic, and technological feasibility and sustainability of this solution in practice. The monolithic concrete walls of the building are interspersed with wooden frame-filling walls, CEWOOD panels have been used to improve the acoustics inside the wooden walls.

The Latvian Construction Annual Award, which has been organized for 10 years by the association Building Design and Construction Council (BDCC,, Gunita Jansone, Agrita Luse, summarizes the best work done in the field of architecture and construction throughout Latvia and also beyond the borders of the country if the project is implemented by Latvian citizens.