CEWOOD design tiles is a new direction and proof of wood wool versatility and aesthetic features, while substantially improving interior acoustics . Each tile is custom made with personal touch and it allows to create unique or classic interiors not only by professional architects, designers but also by private users. Tiles are available in various colours and shapes to meet every customer demand.

Create your design with hexagon panels!

Standard colours
Create your, unique design with hexagon panels in standard colours. Here you can download design page.
If you want to see our prepared patterns for inspiration, click here.

Colour tones from RAL
Create your design with hexagons in your favorite colour.  Here you can download design page.
If you want to see our prepared patterns in various colours for inspiration, click here.

Top-selling shapes 

Our designers have made standard solutions, top-selling shapes but CEWOOD Design tiles options are endless. Limited only by imagination.

Technical features and applications

Technical features
Wood wool: 1.0 mm
Panel thickness: 25 m, other available upon request
Colours: natural, white, black, grey and any colour from RAL or NCS colour chart upon request

  • Ceilings
  • Walls
  • Decorative elements
High quality wood wool CEWOOD Design tiles
  • Durable
  • Various finishes & colours
  • Consistent thickness & dimensions
  • Clean corners
  • Cost-effective
  • Versatile - ceiling or wall mount as a surface finish
  • An effective sound absorber

Main benefits:

ECOLOGY. The material is produced in nature-friendly way.

HEALTH. Provides a human-friendly, favouralbe environment.

AESTHETICS. A wide range of colours, textures and finishes.

ACOUSTICS. Excellent sound insulating and absorbing properties.

DURABILITY. Does not become deformed, does not lose its properties over time.

FIRE SAFETY. High fire safety indicators (B-s1, d0).

HEAT-INSULATION. Excellent insulation properties.

100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS. Wood wool, water, cement.